1/13/2013 - Quote

Don’t flirt around. Be contented because you already have her.

Having you is enough <3

Just got home from school. Good thing we didn’t have class in Finac. If so, I would definitely get low score again or worst zero. Aww.

I didn’t yet go home even though I don’t have class anymore. I was with HIM. Kulitan moments with him lang. :”>

1/10/2013 - Conversation

  • Everyone at my school's idea of a relationship: Someone asks someone "Will you go out with me?" and the other person says yes. They hug in the hallways, hold hands in the morning before the bell rings, and they kiss at lunch. They say "I love you" after two days. The whole school agrees that they are the cutest couple ever and hopes that they will last.
  • My idea of a relationship: You start talking to each other and is in the "talking stage". One person asks you to go a date with them. You guys go a few more dates. You guys are dating. You guys act like a couple. You hug, you hold hands, you kiss. One person asks you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. You guys are now officially a couple. You're in one of those relationships where you don't announce it to the whole world but you won't deny it if someone asked. You guys are comfortable around each other, you hang out outside of school. You say "I love you" when the time is right and when you actually mean it.

Live life to the fullest..

…’Coz you don’t know when your time is over. I feel pity to the old man, maybe late 50s, who just died awhile ago in the market where I work to help my parents. He didn’t die on the spot but the people didn’t have the guts to help him. They just watch him dying.

They called the police but instead of bringing him to the near hospital, they just investigated. What a crap! They could just do that thing after they help him.

If only they help him instantly, they could have save life. They just look, go and talk about it. If only I could do something. Rest in peace po +


Just got home. So freaking tired. I am awake 2 o’clock in the morning and it’s time for me to sleep. Arghh. Still have class later afternoon.

1/9/2013 - Video



do not delete the text, only the pictures show up on your blog

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It’s been a long time..

Ngayon lang ako nakapag tumblr ulit. Papalitan ko sana yung username ko kso ayaw sa phone. Hahaha. Next time nalang. XD.

Dami pa din problems -.- I hope everything would be okay soon. I want to graduate na. Hehehe. Atat eh. :)))

Oh next time nalang uli. Just passed by to sa goodnight

5/15/2012 - Photo

All girls should be told that they are pretty, even if they aren&#8217;t :) (Taken with instagram)

All girls should be told that they are pretty, even if they aren’t :) (Taken with instagram)